Soft and Strong, That’s Plain Jane

So plain Jane started with a pair of skinny jeans I wanted to make.  I commented that they were “plain Jane” to a friend and that’s all she wrote.  I usually and inspired by media, movies, tv or music.   I decided this line would be very basic,  of course with a little flare. Instead I found myself drawing from a different place,  something deeper,  I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Then as I was seeing the sketches come to life and names started bouncing around it hit me, Jane was me.  Jane was just a plain old girl from the south.  A little girl with pigtails who loved twirly dresses but liked to play in the mud.  A girl who was surrounded by strong woman, that were so talented and wise.  Also the women behind the women who raise us, a maid, nanny, a grandparent……..maybe she kind of was a co parent. These woman were strong too,  these woman left an impression.  So Jane,  Hallie,  Edna,  Ellen,  Gertrude,  Sara,  Louise,  Phoebe,  Lucy and Mamie Lou,  these are all important women and they are ALL Plain Jane.

This collection is about mixing the pretty with the strong and practical.  There will be eyelet lace, delicate woven trims, soft sateen cottons and there will be denim, chambray and maybe some duck cotton or cotton canvas. It will be a more subdued MP but I will still have the details you’ve grown to love.


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