I have been going 90 for a while now.  I love what I do and that you all make it possible.  Let’s be honest, if there weren’t “yous” then there would be no Mean Princess.  So I thank you.  I thank you for the support,  the creative exchanges we share.  I thank you for sharing pieces of you with me.  I count a lot of you as friends now and I am loving seeing your little ones grow.  I am thankful.  That said,  I am trying to find a balance of sorts.  I need time to design,  time to work on orders, time with my family and time to clean this skank house!  As it stands now,  it’s all work and no play.  I think about my friend Amy who seems to have it figured out and I’m guessing that’s kind of the direction I need to go.  So here are the changes and feel free to give me your feed back.

  • Custom orders,  are orders that I have to order specific fabric for you for a specific look you want.  This does not apply to current lines and I ran out of fabric.  Custom is also orders on none current pieces or specialty pieces. Custom orders now have a minimum purchase price of $150. 
  • RUSH orders,  these are orders that need to be done in under time constraints. They are needed in 2 weeks or need to be done before my current order time. There will now be a $15 charge for RUSH orders.

  • There will now be limited quantities on items. For example: Plain Jane Hazel, I will make 2/3T (5 of them) 4/5(3 of them) and 6/7(3 of them). First come, first served.

Also, orders are a standard size. If your child needs a special size then please send measurements. Measurements of the circumference
of the head, bicep, largest part of the waist, and other measurement specific to the garment. I can also do other alterations to accommodate.

I hope this doesn’t anger anybody,  I just need more time. I keep hearing the main chorus to These Are Days by Natalie Merchant. These are the days and I want to remember, I’d don’t want to miss this precious gift I’ve been given.  So I hope you’ll continue to love The Mean Princess and take this ride with me.  Once I get through all the custom orders I have now I will have fun stuff to show you and more patterns to share. Thank you all again!


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