Go Climb a Tree

A smart woman said (on more than one occasion) that the universe will start with a whisper when it needs to tell you something. If you don’t listen, it will get louder, still not listening it will be come a scream. Well two weeks ago I got my scream and I still wasn’t hearing so I got slapped in the face. That I felt, I felt it to my core, slowly…….I’m a hard head so it still took a week for the sting to set in. Yesterday as I watched my inspiration, for all things in life, climb a tree it hit me. It hit me so hard the wind was knocked out of me. I felt tears streaming down my face as I remembered the pure joy of climbing trees. When I was a kid climbing trees was my place of freedom, my safe space, my place. I watched my little Buggy and I could see that joy, the pure excitement of just being able to climb and NO other care in the world. I long for that too, I long for no worries. 
This may seem like a very random post to some but some of you will “get it”. My last post was about needing a change, needing to slow down. Well I got it, just not how I expected. It’s not all bad. I had been praying for years for my “aha moment”. Well here it is and I still feel the sting from the slap but hear it loud and clear. Things are changing, my family is becoming closer, roles changed, they had to. I had to admit I’m not super woman and damn it, I don’t have to be. My life won’t fall apart if the house is a mess, my friends will be there if I can’t see them all the time, my business will survive if I take a break. Now that’s the hardest because I am one of the lucky, I love my work, I don’t know how not to work and I am truly grateful for my work. That said, I am going to have to rework, work. 
No reason to fill you in on all the stupid details (stupid is my 5 yr old self dealing with stuff I dont want to). There is no need for a pity party. Bad stuff happens, it’s life, right? I can always manage to find a good in every bad and there is good for me, at this point my is cup full and running over. I just had a moment, a moment I needed to have and now I want to climb trees. I want to enjoy the quite instead of trying to fill it with something to do. I want to be with the people I love the most and inhale them in. Once I am cleared to  lift more than 5 lbs I want to climb trees with my daughter and remember what those moments feel like and share them with her.  


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