Let’s be friends!

It’s funny how history repeats itself… I was looking back over the blog and around this time last year I mentioned needing a change…..I thought ending customs was it… NOPE… A lot of you are new so you might not be aware of all the changes. Let me take you back…

I started Made by Meagan as a blog….it may still be up? Ooops. Anywho, I started making hair bows back in…..2007-ish and then made a blog in 2009 to show my friends and family back home in the south what I was up to.. Well friends want to order, so started selling.. Then the following year, my dear mean princess needed a apron for art class. I laid her on the floor, traced her with using printer paper and made a pattern.. Yep, thats how this crazy train started.. I had only used one pattern before and sewn once before, when she was still in my belly….I made her a crib set. I don’t really remember how I did that, I am still amazed.. Back to the story…so I made a apron. Then friends wanted aprons… So I started a biz page Made by Meagan. I made the patterns using my measurements and the girl’s and that how I started… So after loads of sewing I decided I need to BRAND my biz that I hadn’t plan on having, because there was a shocking amount of Made by Meagans or Megans or Meghans..LOTS.. So I took a break…..went to Disney with the family and came back to The Mean Princess!! That was all in the works around Sept-Jan (2011-12).

So I open up a new page around Jan 2012.. I was so happy and so busy!! A magazine found me on Etsy and wanted to do a article!!! Then BAM! The ugly creeped in, CANCER!! Feb 23rd I had my appendix removed, along with a 6cm tumor they never mentioned.. I went back for follow up (staple removal) and was told I need to see an Oncologist. By May 4th I was having the right hemisphere of my colon removed. So much of 2012 was spent in the hospital, on bed rest, in doctors offices, giving blood, urine, etc…..BUT I spent a lot of time drawing.. Back to the beginning of this post, I was looking for change.. I thought it was just that I needed a break from sewing customs, I didn’t realize the change I was begging for had fallen in my lap precisely at the time I needed it. The answer has been sitting right in front of me for a year, the answer is design.. How could I have been so blind?? I mean, I know that it makes me far happier than my factory job (RTS sales) but you know it didn’t hit me until recently, it when it did it was like a ton of bricks.. Design is me, me is DESIGN!!

So my loves.. Here is the deal.. I can’t say I am giving up sewing 100% just yet but what I can say is that after April 15th not to expect much more sewing from me.. I will promote other shops that will sew my patterns and fabric shops that I buy my pretties from so that all my non-sewing mommies aren’t left high and dry! I am interested in drafting, screen printing, textile printing……design.. I hope to start class in the fall if all is well.. I want to expand my knowledge of all things design so that The Mean Princess you have grown to love can be even better.. So this isn’t a break-up, it’s more of let’s be really good friends!!

I hope this explains everything, everyone is caught up.. I have always been very private but I am trying to share more of ME with YOU.. I know I like it when fabric gooroos I follow share private pictures or designers I love share a moment in their lives with me so I will try to do more of that with you. So in that spirit feel free to follow me on Twitter or Instagram where I share more. Follow me on Pinterest too!

P.s…….I am finally working on some boys looks! Yay!


11 thoughts on “Let’s be friends!

  1. The Mean Princess says:

    Awe….your so sweet! I can't wait to share even more with you all! The stresses of doing it all will melt way with me being able to focus more on the design. So here is hoping I knock your socks off with new designs!


  2. O+M Designs says:

    You are an amazing woman! 🙂
    I never knew you had the “ugly” and I've got to say you are such a strong individual… many would've given up in the midst of all that, but I am glad you didn't! I want to thank you SOSOSOOO much for all you've done. You have no idea, but when I started my little shop I knew absolutely nothing about sewing. I knew I really wanted to try it (and I knew I HAD to do it to try and help a little with the $ at home), and along came The Mean Princess! I have absolutely NO idea how I got a hold of you, but you should know you are responsible for the little success I've had in the past year and half or so. It's always been your patterns my peeps love the most; if you had given up, I really don't know how I was to be around!
    So, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU Ms. Meagan!
    May God bless you always!
    p.s. cannot wait to see the boys designs!!! so many people are interested in cool clothing for boys, and that is yet to be found!


  3. The Mean Princess says:

    Indira my dear, it's people like you who kept me going. I didn't want to let you all down. You all had no idea what was going on and on bad days you were there telling me how much I inspired you. Without knowing, you pushed me to dig down and fight. I thank you for this message. I am sitting here teary as I read it to my love…..who is now also teary. Thank you for believing in me when I felt all alone. You and a few others, really help keep me from drowning in the midst of the “ugly”. So thank you and bless you for being so kind and generous.


  4. Jennifer says:

    I'm so proud of you for finding your passion and moving forward after your battle last year! You are awesome, strong and super talented!!!

    Go Design and HAVE FUN!!

    Seamingly Smitten


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