Ok, here is a update peeps, if you dont know the whole story you can find it here.

So I planned this RTS sale to be my last, having loads of time to get it done. Well, that hasn’t been the case. Let me tell you all the fun behind the “seams” here. So my oncologist ask me to get more testing done….they found a tumor. Then I had to have 3 biospies and a titanium marker placed, then played the waiting game. Good news is the tumor, yet rare, it’s NOT more of the ugly! No more cancer….this far! Yay! I have one last test which means fasting, then a cleanse and then testing. FUN, right? I am sparing you all the nasty details but with all this medical jazzy in the way I am sad to say that the RTS sale will not be very big. I felt I owed you a reason, so now you know…..I wasn’t off at a island sunning as I got my drank on, but instead I was being probed like some alien?!? Hehehe

So, it will be my last RTS and it will be a small one but from time to time I will have samples available for sale and I may even list pieces on my website (I am still working on). The good news thought is that I fought the BIG C and I am pretty sure I kicked it’s ARSE! So it’s still on, save the date, see you then, hope you will like what you see.

For all my sewing moms, I will have a new tutorial up after the 15th on “How to get the most out of your Addison’s” and I have new patterns that are begging me to come finish them. So there is something for everyone! Thank you all for your support during this ride through Crazytown and showing your support last week. My BIG sale was because I got the news above and boy, y’all really knocked my socks off. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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