Updates on Life in Crazy Town

So where did we leave off……oh HERE So now your up to speed! It has been crazy around here and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon! So here is the latest on the DL of course 😉

My last biopsy (I HOPE) is all clear! We are moving to the country in like 60 days! We are packing like crazy! I am working on other people’s patterns, destashing fabric, working on new schools, doctor appointments, running a biz and oh, I have a family too…..oops!

Here is my plan loves, I am taking the summer off (but not really). What that means is I want to make our house a home, I want to revisit old patterns and update them. I want to swim with the girl (yeah, new house had a pool) and I want to put the past two years of bad juju in the PAST and practice some healing woowooism! This girl needs her mojo restored, STAT!

If you haven’t been to the shop today then you don’t know that I just reduced all my prices. Only one bundle which is the MASTER left. There is a code for anyone who buys 3 more clothing patterns, code 10off3ormore. This only works on Etsy. Also, all patterns are now instant download unless you buy the MASTER. Less work for me, discount for all!

So that sums it up. Of course I will check in….maybe covered in dirt from the garden or pruned from the pool or share our home improvement efforts. I won’t be gone but just lost in other things. By the way, Instagram and Twitter are always the 1st way to hear what’s going on in Crazy Town.

Love to you all and once again, thanks for the support! xoxoTMP


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