Mama Taylor

My hands are sweating as I type. This project was really a labor of love for my customers. So many of you have followed me from hair bows to sewing one of a kinds to selling my designs of my custom clothing. This one is for you! So I have to share all my wonderful testers pictures. Let me say they honestly MADE this pattern turn from a torn in my side to something I am PROUD of! Just wait, you’ll see why I am so pleased.

First up is the fab Sara Beth, the woman behind Molly Blossom but more importantly (for me) The Pretty Pickle! She sews up fab stuff for her cute little self all the time, she is a women’s wear expert in my eyes! Look at her Mama Taylor!

Fab right? I thought, this pattern was made for her!

She wasn’t the only one getting herswag on! Here are a few more……. WHAT WHAT! WORK!

Works with jeans too!


from Beri Bee Designs used sweater knit and I likey! Looks so comfy!

Emily from Lady and the gents, looks picture perfect in YELLOW!

Oh & Jennifer from Apple Vendor’s Fair did not one but TWO & showed it w/ a LS for fall!

Lastly, a dear friend, my SUPER model GLOWING friend, modeled in the perfect shade of purple! She is simply stunning……she is my gown at the end of the runway show!

Thank you too all my sweet testers, you made this so less painful than I had imagined. I truly adore you all and can’t wait to send you Mama Taylor’s sister or Taylor’s auntie….. Skipper? We shall see, she was born on accident as Mama Taylor was being made. For now though, think I will add Mama Taylor to the shops, put the other Taylors on sale (craftsy only) and call it a day! xoxox TMP


3 thoughts on “Mama Taylor

  1. Erin says:

    wooohoooo! such an awesome creation!!! thank you for making an easy, fun, GORGEOUS, flattering pattern. This one will get a lot of use in my hot mess of a “studio”. xoxoxo


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