Now that I have you all singing Bye, bye, bye by N sync let me change the mood a little and share what actual song I am singing on rotation in my head, my mantra if you will……ROAR You can hover over it and it will take you to the official video. Some of you know I raged my own small war against illness last year and the again at the beginning of this year, this song was written for me (at least in my head). As I battled I kind of tried to pretend nothing was wrong. I just put one foot in front of the other and marched on, putting stuff in my path from my to-do list rather than take care of me. A little secret about the gal behind The Mean Princess, I am stubborn. Yep, I admit this. Anywhos, I never properly acknowledged it and now I am beat y’all!

So here is the deal. I am closing my SHOP tomorrow evening at 10PM. I don’t know when I will be back or what patterns will return. I know that some I am not in love with that WILL NOT be coming back. If/when I come back the plan is to have a different format, more like a paper pattern. I want to have 2-4 looks in one pattern. This is just what I am kicking around in my head. I hope to have you something fresh before summer. Then I will probably take a soft break (meaning store will be open but nothing new out) this summer and hopefully a fall collection. No promises though. I sewed this Christmas and I had forgotten HOW MUCH I LOVE it! It’s so different when your not photographing every step. So maybe there will be pieces up for sale randomly on my new Big Cartel shop . I don’t have anything there as of yet but soon maybe!

So, there is a FINAL sale for the year…..for a long, long, while……there will not be sales after because I believe the new format will give you more for your money, so you won’t need a sale. Like I said, if there is a pattern your’ve been eyeballing grab it now as it may NOT be back. Closing both shops at 10PM sharp tomorrow. The sale is on Etsy right HERE and the code goes active now! Feel free to share with friends, in groups, sew-a-longs, where ever. Code is ByeByeBye (50% off)

Thank you all to my loyal customers, testers, friends and family for your support, from Made by Meagan through The Mean Princess. The past 5 years have been a wild ride and wouldn’t have be able to do it without you. I adore you all.

Love and hugs to you all, xoxoxoxTMP


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