I’m Coming Home

I have been out to play, I have relaxed and played some more. I have really enjoyed time off. If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve seen some of my shenanigans. I played with all sort of new toys, materials, tried knitting, crochet, and fell in love with some embroidery. I quilted, I made appliqués, I even tore down a fireplace and rebuilt it. I did some kayaking, painting, yard work……I guess you could say I LIVED! I hadn’t done that in a while, sickness took that away, so did homesickness, but I sure did some living this year and I don’t plan on turning back.

So while I was playing, I still thought of work and yet again, I needed to change it up. I needed something that was mine, something that I would feel proud of. While I do feel proud of my first babies if you will, I wanted more from and for them. So I am saying goodbye to most. As I looked over the 25-ish I decided to only keep Taylor and Grace at this point. Taylor has been my MOST popular, Grace has been my least popular and I feel it’s because she had a zip! So I am keeping 2 gals but they will need a bit of a update like my new ladies. If you own one of the 2 I will gladly send you a updated copy with proof of purchase. The changes will be small, just using better software to make pictures cleaner, the patterns will have a box around them to insure that all printer recognize the pieces(some printers would shave off 1/4″ or so). So nothing new so to say, just cleaning them up a bit.

While speaking of change, one thing will stay the same is some of the silhouettes are same and I will reuse some name even if they don’t match up to their previous image. Why? Well when I started I was inspired by two things, the people I sewed for and the women I learned from. So there maybe a Edna, Lucy, Hazel, Louise, Jane, Ellen or Sara but they will be NEW in this life. Some silhouettes will reemerge but be very different, why? Because there isn’t really anything new, it’s just my take on a classic silhouette. My vision. My ideas mashed together. Another new item, embroidery and quilting, while not new in the world of sewing, I wanted to add something different to my creations.

So my vision……one silhouette used multiple ways, with different techniques or embellishment used. Then as I add to my collection again I want to be mindful of the techniques I use so that they are interchangeable moving forward. So Pattern “A” can be used with “B”, “C”, “D” or even my originals. I am excited about the future, I am excited about continuing to take time to PLAY, I am excited about our journey together. My newest pattern is in testers hands and it will be tested in two parts. We are shooting to reopen the shop the first week of Oct. Until then my loves!

Thanks again for all your love and support!


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