Let’s Celebrate testers!

This post is to thank my testers, they have been instrumental in getting this pattern out to you. I have been working on this since May on and off. Lots of sleepless night as creating it filled my head. There were so many ideas I spilt testing into 2 groups just to get it all done. Then two nights ago I came up with one more idea to add and rather than torture these poor ladies, I will add it as a tutorial next week. I have counted at least 14 ways to use this pattern with all the current pattern pieces and embroidery but wait……the next pattern coming up will work with this one to create even more options! Enough about that for now, lets get to the testers.

Robin from Emmy Lou was a standout, she was my first to finish and photograph giving me a quick heads up on a few errors so that I could correct them before sending out the second round. She made such a cute dress and used her machine to embroider her top rather than hand stitch. I think it’s fab!

Next standout was Nicole from Hello Sunshine. Miss Nicole not only did version one and two but she also came to the rescue when another tester was having trouble with her size and made one for her neighbor! Way to step up Nicole! She worked on 3 dress/tops & still managed to find the time to point out other flubs no one else saw. She wins the award for over        worked!

Trinh who sews for her daughters sewed that up in knit! My friend Jodi says anything that can be sewn in quilter’s cotton can be sewn in knit and Trinh proves her right. What a brave soul! Bravery award given to Trinj!

Pene who sews for family was another one who came in at the last moment and sewed that same size Nicole rescued me from. She sewed and sent pictures in 24 hrs. Both ladies were able to confirm that fit was just fine.

This is handmade from Tonia for her little one.

This is Addison modeling NOT for Jane. Heather was a invited late to the game but it doesn’t show, she did the back out version of the Edna!

One last thing though………I have a surprise I have been holding out on, not one pattern release but two!

See that, TMP is modeling the advanced Edna with her Fancy Nancy DOLL! Yep, a doll version was in the works too!

First up is Kathy who most of you know from the HDH sewing group but she also runs the Handmade Dress Haven blog. She loves sewing and testing so I put her to the test.

Last but not least by any stretch is Melanie who runs The Melmoose Co. making fab handmade dresses for doll and more! She came in last min to do NOT one but two dress in like 24 hrs! Wowzers what a star!

A final thanks again to my ladies, THANK YOU, because they really did make THESE patterns the best project yet!

You will be able to purchase both patterns tomorrow at my Etsy shop HERE! xxTMP


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