Sew I Can Go!

It’s been super busy around the studio! I have two releases this week but let’s talk about today’s release. Sew I Can Go tote, yep, my first big bag. Long story short, I needed a bag for a trip I am going on. I needed something for more than one craft. I plan on taking my needle felting supplies, embroidery and cross stitching supplies, books, sketching pads and whatever else I may need. There was really nothing out there for me other than maybe a diaper bag. Not wanting to carry around a puffy laminated bag I set out to create something for myself.

As you can see this bag has lots of style and storage! The front features a pleat with two diagonal floating pockets, which could also zip close for more advanced/adventurous seamstresses. There’s two hidden “magazine pockets” behind the floating pockets. So if your counting, thats 4 on the front. There is also two large on the back, so together, 6 exterior pockets!

Let’s take a look inside!

Eeeks! You can see my stash! Here is just some of what I managed to get inside the TEN interior pockets plus four pin pockets that could be used for knitting needles or crochet hooks. I had embroidery two hoops, two yards of aida CS fabric, to large boxes of floss, shears, baby brush, chalk marker, erasers, six sewing threads and bobbins, a set of markers, a rotary cutter, my hand mending bag, iPhone, my favorite AMH book, a sketch pad or 3, a journal and I still had room!

My testers were amazing as usual, a new group this round. Let me share some of their works of art with you!

Isn’t this bag fab? Looks like someone is heading to the beach with this tote!

I love the boldness of the pink and black stripes created by the interior pockets. I may have to make another just so I can have a striped bag!

Sarah told me that she is sewing another one of these babies up at the moment to give as a diaper bag! Lucky mama!

This tester said that with a little quilt batting it would make an great laptop, tablet, phone and cables bag!

I can’t wait to see what you might do with the Sew I Can Go tote! Please share pictures of your projects, I’m excited to see what other adventure this bag goes on!



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