Meet Our Newest Addition

Bug’s Pack Pack

Bug is one of the many names for the girl who inspires me, aka The Mean Princess. When she first started school (seems like just yesterday) many years ago she called her backpack a packpack  and I just adored it. So when she saw this little beauty after school she exclaimed “PACKPACK” in her little voice she uses when she really loves something or wants something. In this case it was both. She wanted this packpack and was gonna KEEP it!

This is a super easy project, one tester had never done a drawstring and another had never sewn a bag. I was really impressed how quiet testing was, hardly any questions at all! I am not known for my super fly instructions but I have been working very intensely with a small group of editors to help me understand a beginner’s mind. This time, it was pretty much a home run! Yay! *happy dance* 

Oh, any ladies out there who want one for themselves?!?!?!?!?! Well there is an adult size too included!

Amy, my dear friend of Brownie Goose, tested my very first pattern miss Taylor. So when I found out she had some free time I held my breath and asked if she could test again……and she did! Here is Amy’s sweet Lou, she is a beauty, those little feet! Oh, and the bag, it of course has that magic that only Amy possesses.

test for meagan test for meagan 2

Before I forget, Amy called this project a SCRAP BUSTER because she was able to use scraps for the whole bag, which explains all those golden oldies in her pack!

Next up is Sarah. I just got lucky with this sweet tester, she is up for any challenge! She never disappoints!

11216380_10102733991950140_1278622444_n  11185773_10102733992005030_519741398_n

Next up is Laura, who is becoming a staple in testing! Oh and Laura gave you a look inside. It’s fully lined, has a pocket and a loop for keys or hand sanitizer.

20150513_061141  20150513_061035

Now KGG, miss Kim knocked it out of the park! This lady knows bags!

IMG_4069 IMG_4074

Oooowweee these are some pretty pack packs!

Miss Bug’s Pack Pack will be available on Etsy and Craftsy tomorrow! Hope you love her as much as we all do! xxTMP


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