They’ve Done it Again!

I know I say it a lot but man, my testers, they are the BOMB! They help me take all the junk in my brain and make sense of it all. They are priceless!

Ok, Grace. I can’t remember what inspired me but I remember thinking that Grace Kelly has a really sophisticated style and the original Grace I thought was that but for my little nugget.


On the left, that’s the original, oh my gorsh! That seems like forever ago. She was in 1st grade and liked the lace accents. Fast forward a few years (right pic) and when we revisited our ole gal Grace, she wanted mustard linen. Boy, they grow and change so fast!

IMG_7664 IMG_7649

Now for my girls and their girls………….


This is HJ and her mama Randi Leigh are the ladies behind this dress. It reminds me of Cinderella, with the blue top, beigeish skirt and brown tights……where are the worker birds and mice?


Be still my heart…….this beauty is from handcrafted by RED. Wow. I hadn’t thought of Grace for a top or for layering but clearly I almost missed it. How adorable is this? Well done Rachel.


Look at this little sassafras! She looks like she might have been giving mama lots to work with. That little face says it all, Grace can be fun too!

11987195_1643747349217264_2439482566740069673_n  12009578_1643747322550600_5243594971985043208_n 11990466_1643747335883932_2904849294652681997_n

Grace is now for girls up to size 8/10. I really love the big button detail on this dress. I love arch on this dress, it’s everything.


This is Addison, I think her face says it all! Her mama is the brains behind Not for Jane clothing found on Facebook here.


Last but not least is this the beautiful work of Ellen over at ellzabelle and she didn’t disappoint. She has handmade gifts in her etsy shop, grab them up!

Grace wasn’t altered much, the straps are a bit thinner but other than that only her format was altered. I am in the process of digitizing all my instructions on all of my older patterns. I wanted to try to make sure everything felt refreshed and uniform. If you have Grace and would like an update, send me your order number, it’s on me. You can buy her on Etsy or Craftsy.



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