Long Time, No Hear

So it’s been a while…….In 2015 I updated or created four new patterns. This year, I worked on three new, three old but never managed to get them published. I am sure you’ve noticed that my head has been in the clouds. I will update you, for those who’ve asked, for those who just want to know what this means about the future skip to the last two paragraphs.

I started off the year with a back injury and several weeks of physical therapy. Nothing exciting happened to cause this injury, my body is just still recovering from the big surgery and I actually tweaked it lifting and twisting the vacuum. I know, LAME! Then came THAT TIME of the year, Oncology.  Fingers crossed I am in my last year of Oncology check ups. Earlier this year, near my appointment time,  it hit me hard and I had a hard time shaking it. So started a new hobby, which seems to be the norm by now as the time approaches. It keeps my mind and hands busy. This year was all forms of quilting…..EPP, FPP, modern, traditional and improve. Then fast forward to Sept. I get a common cold, we all do, the rest of my family shakes it off 3 days later……I however am still sick. It turned into a ear infection, then a chest rattle, then my BP elevated, along with my blood sugar. I saw the ENT 6-8 times, my MD, the ER twice and then was admitted. I left with a whole new crew of doctors and medicines. Here I am, day 63 and it sounds like I am breathing through tissue paper shoved down into my windpipe.

Apparently I needed another kick in the arse because the BIG C wasn’t enough. I got the memo this time! I have struggled since May of 2012 to find a new normal, without any help or guidance from the numerous specialist I see. Well lucky me, the right doctor was on call the night I was admitted. He wasn’t there about my lungs, he was there to treat my blood sugar which was sky high because of meds I was taking. I am so grateful that by chance he was assigned to me. In three short weeks my body has changed, my lungs…not so much. For four years all the begging I was doing with my specialist fell on deaf ears, pleading for help so that I could resume a healthy, active lifestyle didn’t seem to concern them. I will spare you the details but after that surgery I basically had been home-bound. Slowly I tried to do my own research and made changes to my life, slowly I saw changes. Now, under THIS Endocrinologist’s care (for a short term problem) my life has changed. Even though I can’t breathe well I’ve had more energy, I have left the house, I have been active, I have literally danced everyday but four since leaving the hospital because I am that grateful! I am off all meds, minus lung stuff and I feel like I GOT THIS! Catching a tumor before it spread was suppose to be my second chance but it left me incredibly sick for years. This is my second chance and I have to tell you, I am taking it and running!

So what does this mean for The Mean Princess, well it means that patterning won’t be my focus anymore. I will probably still release them but at this point I need to focus on me. The ones out will stay out. I will still have my digital services available because I’ve found that I LOVE the digital work, so much! I will be focusing more on giving, I have always loved my charities but now so more than ever I feel that’s where my heart is. You guys, if you’ve followed me since 2009 then you already know I fell in to this business by sewing for my daughter. Then when I got sick, patterning was easier than sewing 12 hrs a day for everyone but my family. As I grow and change, I guess so will the business.

So the Esty shop is close, the Craftsy will remain open. I am simplifying,  I have closed all the groups related to my business with the exception of the private Edits Group. Those gals, they really kill it for me. They catch my backwards sentences or skipped steps and they help me tremendously at making things beginner friendly, my weakest trait. The BEST places to find me are…. Instagram (always), Craftsy (always), Email (always), WordPress (sometimes) and my business Facebook page (sometimes).

That’s it folks! I am on a new adventure taking care of myself. I can’t tell you how much I have loved making bows for those bareheaded babies, sewing for your toddlers and providing patterns for your kiddos. I look forward to checking in time to time with something fun and see how you all are. Wishing you all the very best holiday season and thank you so much for your support over the past 7 year (10 yrs for some of you). Thanks for helping me support my family, thanks for the friendships we’ve made, thanks for sharing your families with me, I am grateful for it all. This isn’t goodbye, it’s a see you later.

xoxox Meagan aka TMP


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