Where do I start? I am a mother of one, wife of one and pet mama to many. I love creative anything really. I don’t think I have found something I don’t like. I create patterns but I LOVE to hand sew, embroider or cross stitch. I like making baskets, weaving or sewing. I like to show love through handmade items or home cooked meals.

I like the outdoors more so in the Fall-Spring, as I am allergic to the sun. I do love to kayak ANYTIME! I like to climb, anything. I love to swim. I love the Gulf coast but I live on the East.

You can almost guarantee on any given day I am cutting a rug. I like to shake my groove thang. I love animals. My doggies have their own dialog via me. Big personalities with lots of sass. They are spoiled rotten like my child and myself. I am a bit of a hippie and you might very well find me hugging a tree. Wood, gosh it’s a glorious thing. Oh, that brings me to old stuff, I like it!

I am a survivor, a fighter, a big mouth. I sometimes I eat my foot because I don’t think before I speak. I have to say though, I have been very fortunate, people seem to appreciate my honesty. I am a good listener and loyal to a fault.

As you might have gathered I am thinking faster than I can type and that’s pretty much sums me up! Always going, always doing, always busy…….even when I should be resting.

I am for the most part an open book. Need to know more? Ask


Owner of The Mean Princess


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