Behind the Seams


So, I’ve been working on this for the girl and some videos for my new YouTube channel, still playing for now. I taught myself and I can’t wait to share this with you. there is more to come!

I went upstairs to show the girl and this is what I found……


She is 10 now, seems like yesterday she was starting kindergarten. I love that she still plays and is in NO hurry to grow up. How cute though that she was under her new bed?

Then she heard the shutter and I captured this one……..


She is her mother’s child. Love that goofy girl.

You can see some of my video shenanigans on Instagram or my home page.


So the princess needed curtains and I had these giant ones laying around and thought I could turn them in to something she would like……….
Here you can see the ugly print at the bottom of the curtain, I cut it in half through the middle, then cut them in two as well…….ending up with four………..
Then I cut another one into 16 equal pieces and turned them into ruffles, now I’m starting to sew them on.
I left room at the top to fold over for a rod to pass through and when done, it should look something like this………….

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