Edna Ruffle Tutorial
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Edna Heart Tutorial
To purchase Edna click here.
So I was just finishing up Edna last week when this idea popped in my head. So I thought I would share it with my testers and those who purchased. This works with part 2 or the backless version of Enda, it can be used with or without the flutters I will be providing on Craftsy for free!

She is a beauty! If you haven’t bought her just yet, you can buy her here and the flutters are here for free!


So the first modification is fairly simple, it’s really just to remind you that you can shrink or add on to your pattern (you can click on the first pic and scroll through them close up).

Tada! Isn’t that easy?!?! I love it! She will have this for years to come. xxtmp


How to get even more use from your Addison Britches!

So if you own the Addison Britches then you already know they come with lots of options. Well here is a few more ideas. How about a double ruffle, triple or even add lace! So here is how easy it is.

So I started with my basic Addison ruffle, then picked a ruffle length I liked. I picked 3″ (use the same width suggested in the pattern size your using). You could do a larger or smaller, each will give you a different look. After cutting, I serged both long sides, then turned under the hem and top stitched.

Now run a basting stitch or ruffle if you prefer, do it across the top (ulnhemmed) side. Placement you can play with depending on the size ruffle and where you want it to lay on top of the first ruffle. I chose to put my top edge about 1/2 inch from the first layers topstitch. Pin like crazy……and pin some more, hehe now stitch that booger down!

Now again, do you want two ruffles, three, three with lace? You chose….I chose two ruffles with a two tiered lace and I likey!

Placement of the lace can either be directly upon the serged edge of you ruffle or 1/2 inch above just like the ruffles.

And there they are in black chambray with double layered off white lace. It makes me smile, just wish the MP would wear them but nope.

Hope that was helpful. I love just taking a pattern I own and tweaking it a little. I would love to see your tweaks to my designs. Feel free to share on FB on the Fan Page. As I play and tweak, I will gladly share. Here is hoping you all are well. I miss chatting with you and can’t wait to be back with you soon! Love to you all xoxoTMP


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