Roly poly 

So I needed a brush traveling kit and of course me being me I made one. No I didn’t look at free tutorials, I am sure there is 100s, I decided to wing it and then share. So here is my Roly Poly Brush Traveler. Enjoy!



You can click the pictures to zoom in for better viewing. I hope you enjoy this quick project and please share your picture with me! I love to see what you all do with my little ideas.


Machine Sewn Baskets/Bowls 

So we started below (the post before this one) with hand-sewn bowls/baskets and now I have put together a 8 minute video on how to create these fast, fun, handmade gifts. At least they were gifts for us, end of year teacher’s gifts. Here is a few we made using laundry cording (cheap at Joann’s) and scraps from the scrap basket.






4 down 2 to go! Here is a link to the Youtube tutorial I made. My first but hopefully I will improve and add many more for you there! xxTMP

Hand Sewn Basket

Here is that link to the Pin!

Sash Tutorial 

Ok after several request here is a quickie on how I personally do a sash on a knit and cotton dress. Dress itself is done.

Now make a sash. I used full width of the fabric. On this dress I used a 3.5″x full width. Sewed it with a 1/4″ seam, flipped out, ironed it with the seam straight down the back, end inside, top stitch ends shut.

Now find the center of your top and move down to where the skirt and shirt meet. Pin the center of the belt to the center of you dress.

Now pin the sash all the way to both underarms.

I sewed 3/8″ from the top and then again on the bottom. Remember to back stitch at the beginning and end. After unpinning you can match up the stitches and finish the sash. I didn’t.

Your done!

This is my Lap dress AKA Bella Bubble tutorial. The Lap dress has been my favorite style of dress since I work at Gymbo years ago. I made my 1st 2 yrs ago and decided I needed to revisit knit. If you know me even a little then you know I bees scared of the knit! So, let me start by saying, I made this pattern 2 yrs ago and recently a few patterns came out that are simliar in one way or another but this is my pattern. It was called the Bella back when I was just a blogger known as Made by Meagan. Anywho, let’s start! Here are the pieces we start with, to create them, look at the post just below.

Now take your scraps and make the ribbing, 1″ wide by how ever long. I used a long scrap, it only took one. Then fold it wrong sides together. Starting at the top corner of the neck pin raw edges together…..all the way around.

Now sew. The seam allowance is a preference here, I want a little collar so I opted for a 3/8 seam allowance here. Once sewn, take it over to the ironing board and flip raw edges inside. Then top stich, I also used 3/8 from the edge here.

Repeat with the back of the top. They should look like this….

Now to decided what sleeve you want. The Bella originally had a normal ruffle, gathering stitch right sides together like this….

You could also leave the raw egde exposed, it’s knit so it would be cute, like this…

Or you could opt for a bubble, which I did. For either of the other I used 3.5″x double of the width of the sleeve flatten. For the bubble I used 6″ x the width of the flatten sleeve. Next time I think I would go for 7″. I folded it in 1/2 and ran a gathering stitch through both halves (raw edges).

Now I pinned the raw edges, sewed 3/8″ from edge, then serged.

You could top stitch but I didn’t. The serger’s stitch made it stiff enough to stay in place. Repeat with second sleeve. Then take your front and back, right sides together. Pin at shoulder and sew (you can serge but I didn’t).

Now pin your sleeve to the top, right sides together.

Sew. If your like me, you do it with your tongue on one side of your mouth between your teeth……I swear it helps and speaking of swearing, I do a lot of that to, like a sailor baby! Anywho, it should look like this….

Now repeat with the other sleeve, don’t for get the tongue bitting!

Now pin the sides up, all the way to the sleeves. Sew here at 1/4″ and serge if you like. I don’t, knit is not gonna fray and my daughter has sensitive skin.

You have a shirt! Well, a belly shirt. This might have looked hot in the 80’s over your leotard. Ok, the worst it over. Man, I swear I am sweating trying this like I was making it. Now you need to make a tube, the length is optional. I made mine 13″ for my almost 8 yr old (gasp!). I used this nifty stuff because I used slinky, rollie knit %$#@*(%^%#

I used it to keep the edge flat so I could cut the length, then it also held the seam straight as I sewed it. I did a 3/8 seam here.

Now stitch the hem and the sides and you have a tube!

My arm ^ in the tube. Now run a gather stitch across the raw edge.

Leave said tube right side out and turn the shirt inside out. Put the shirt over the skirt so that the right sides are together and the raw edges match up. Put in 1,000 pins like so.

Sew and serge. No need to top stitch. Be carful when removing the gathering stitch, I learned the hard way it can damage some of the knits. Peeps, we have a dress or a top now, just look and see!

She loved it! Think I’ll make another tomorrow when all my new knit arrives! Oh and just for fun, here is the original from two yrs ago, I still love it (but I will say I have improved)!

Here is a little cutie who’s mom tested the Bella Bubble for me. I think mom did a fab job but this little princess stole the show! Look at that face and those cute blonde curls, oy!

Here is my tutorial on how to make a pattern from an article of clothing you already own. In this case this shirt was stained and one size small, so I was going to use it to alter anyway for the next tut. Basically you deconstruct it, think about how you sew a top and go in reverse to take it apart.

Here is the victim, the top peeps, the top. Now since I am making a pattern out of this I marked the arms and top to be cut. You could just skip over this if you want to make the top as is.

Like I said, skip over the next few steps if just creating a pattern from an existing piece of clothing. Now I am taking off the arms (just below the elbow) and the center to get the actual shape I want to pattern.

Now back to the deconstruction. Turn piece inside out and follow the seam line with you rotary cutter or scissors.

Now the side seams are gone, now remove the shoulder seams ans then the bias at the neck.

Now you trace your pieces one to paper, if they are larger pieces, you may need to tape two together. Remember, you cut off at least 1/4″ so add that back in or more if working with a older (out grown) piece.

Once you trace it you have it to copy and use over and over again. Here are my new pieces.

Next I will show you how to use this and turn it into a new top!

Here are step by step instructions on how I make bias. It’s not “real bias” but it works fine. First start with your desired width and length and fold in half and iron.

Then open seeing your crease. Fold each end up about 1/4″ and iron.

Now fold one long side in, iron.

Then the other, iron.

Now both together, iron.

Here in a inside look.

And here is your FINISHED product! YAY!


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