Now that I have you all singing Bye, bye, bye by N sync let me change the mood a little and share what actual song I am singing on rotation in my head, my mantra if you will……ROAR You can hover over it and it will take you to the official video. Some of you know I raged my own small war against illness last year and the again at the beginning of this year, this song was written for me (at least in my head). As I battled I kind of tried to pretend nothing was wrong. I just put one foot in front of the other and marched on, putting stuff in my path from my to-do list rather than take care of me. A little secret about the gal behind The Mean Princess, I am stubborn. Yep, I admit this. Anywhos, I never properly acknowledged it and now I am beat y’all!

So here is the deal. I am closing my SHOP tomorrow evening at 10PM. I don’t know when I will be back or what patterns will return. I know that some I am not in love with that WILL NOT be coming back. If/when I come back the plan is to have a different format, more like a paper pattern. I want to have 2-4 looks in one pattern. This is just what I am kicking around in my head. I hope to have you something fresh before summer. Then I will probably take a soft break (meaning store will be open but nothing new out) this summer and hopefully a fall collection. No promises though. I sewed this Christmas and I had forgotten HOW MUCH I LOVE it! It’s so different when your not photographing every step. So maybe there will be pieces up for sale randomly on my new Big Cartel shop . I don’t have anything there as of yet but soon maybe!

So, there is a FINAL sale for the year…..for a long, long, while……there will not be sales after because I believe the new format will give you more for your money, so you won’t need a sale. Like I said, if there is a pattern your’ve been eyeballing grab it now as it may NOT be back. Closing both shops at 10PM sharp tomorrow. The sale is on Etsy right HERE and the code goes active now! Feel free to share with friends, in groups, sew-a-longs, where ever. Code is ByeByeBye (50% off)

Thank you all to my loyal customers, testers, friends and family for your support, from Made by Meagan through The Mean Princess. The past 5 years have been a wild ride and wouldn’t have be able to do it without you. I adore you all.

Love and hugs to you all, xoxoxoxTMP


A New Princess is Born

Let me start this post about taking time off for refection and rest. The girl has the week off so nothing is getting done.

NOW to the real NEWS, a early arrival, princess Emma graced us with a her presence a week early. She is the newest member of our extended family, my niece and the MP’s first cousin! We are so happy she is here and can’t wait to get to know her. She lives 1,000 miles away so we plan on taking a long trip to get to meet this newest princess. What to sew? I have been hoarding SAVING some special prints just for this occasion. I actual bought another designer’s pattern since I had NO idea even where to begin for a tiny one. Princess Emma is 6.7 pounds and 20.25″ long! Tiny but long! So here is my favorite picture out of the ones I’ve seen.

Can you even stand it? That tiny little bow? OMG! I don’t know about you but I need another little one! It’s been so long! So that’s the news this week. Welcome princess Emma, we can’t wait to play with you!

Ps…….next week I hope to have our newest girl pattern to testers and share sneaks! XOXOtmp

Mama Taylor

My hands are sweating as I type. This project was really a labor of love for my customers. So many of you have followed me from hair bows to sewing one of a kinds to selling my designs of my custom clothing. This one is for you! So I have to share all my wonderful testers pictures. Let me say they honestly MADE this pattern turn from a torn in my side to something I am PROUD of! Just wait, you’ll see why I am so pleased.

First up is the fab Sara Beth, the woman behind Molly Blossom but more importantly (for me) The Pretty Pickle! She sews up fab stuff for her cute little self all the time, she is a women’s wear expert in my eyes! Look at her Mama Taylor!

Fab right? I thought, this pattern was made for her!

She wasn’t the only one getting herswag on! Here are a few more……. WHAT WHAT! WORK!

Works with jeans too!


from Beri Bee Designs used sweater knit and I likey! Looks so comfy!

Emily from Lady and the gents, looks picture perfect in YELLOW!

Oh & Jennifer from Apple Vendor’s Fair did not one but TWO & showed it w/ a LS for fall!

Lastly, a dear friend, my SUPER model GLOWING friend, modeled in the perfect shade of purple! She is simply stunning……she is my gown at the end of the runway show!

Thank you too all my sweet testers, you made this so less painful than I had imagined. I truly adore you all and can’t wait to send you Mama Taylor’s sister or Taylor’s auntie….. Skipper? We shall see, she was born on accident as Mama Taylor was being made. For now though, think I will add Mama Taylor to the shops, put the other Taylors on sale (craftsy only) and call it a day! xoxox TMP


We have winners to announce! There weren’t many which made it super easy. Only eighteen seamstresses and two clothing customers. So I used and here are the winning numbers…..

#13 is seamstress winner! #1 is clothing winner! Congrats ladies and thank you so much for your continued support. Today is moving day……we hope, so I will be out of pocket. Feel free to email me at to claim your prize! Best wishes to you all. xoxoTMP

Things Around the Castle are Getting Hairy

So I thought I would check in since I have really been checked out lately. The last four months has been worse then the whole last year dealing with cancer. That said……I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel, I think. We hope to be in our home with my extended family there also by this time next week, if it happens it might be something short of a miracle. Word of advice to seller of homes, make sure your agent really wants to sell your home because if he/she doesn’t then it’s going to be painful for everyone involved. You might assume the buyers are causing all the ruckus but in some cases it’s actually your agent refusing to do his/her job. Ok, that was my PSA, hehe. Onward and upward right?

So last week we hit 1,000. I am pretty tickled with that number. Some shops grow overnight using contest, some by advertising but not this gal, it was all due to word of mouth and for that I am thankful. Thank you for standing by me through the worst year of our lives. Thanks for your kind words, cards, calls, email, etc. Thank you for taking the time to think about me. You know, some of you have been with me since the very beginning and I have watched your babies become toddlers, toddlers become school girls and boys. You have been my extended family and on rough days, seeing those smiling babies really pulled me through it all. I couldn’t get out of bed but listening to your stories, watching the videos or seeing your pictures made my day! So thank you for lifting me up.

Ok so I am not good at mushy so, as a thank you I want to offer a giveaway to my current fans, I am not looking for new fans, no need to share to win. This is for you, the ones who have been with me all along. All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post, it must be on the blog, no FB comments to be fair. Just post your email address and either seamstress or clothing customer. On Sunday evening, July 14th I will collect all the comments and have two drawings. They will both start with 1 and then however many comments were left, EXAMPLE 1-50 or 1-250. I will then use Raffle Copter to draw the random numbers.

So whats up for grabs, both winners with get MP gift certificates redeemable for patterns for the seamstress and clothing for the non-sewing winner. The value is $50 dollars (including shipping for clothing). Please keep in mind, my sewing machines are locked up as of now but as soon as they are free the clothing winner and I can chat about what he/she wants. Seamstress can redeem at anytime. So that’s that loves! I hope all is well in your lives and your sweet babies are well. Sending out to you what you have given to me, lots of love!


Updates on Life in Crazy Town

So where did we leave off……oh HERE So now your up to speed! It has been crazy around here and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon! So here is the latest on the DL of course 😉

My last biopsy (I HOPE) is all clear! We are moving to the country in like 60 days! We are packing like crazy! I am working on other people’s patterns, destashing fabric, working on new schools, doctor appointments, running a biz and oh, I have a family too…..oops!

Here is my plan loves, I am taking the summer off (but not really). What that means is I want to make our house a home, I want to revisit old patterns and update them. I want to swim with the girl (yeah, new house had a pool) and I want to put the past two years of bad juju in the PAST and practice some healing woowooism! This girl needs her mojo restored, STAT!

If you haven’t been to the shop today then you don’t know that I just reduced all my prices. Only one bundle which is the MASTER left. There is a code for anyone who buys 3 more clothing patterns, code 10off3ormore. This only works on Etsy. Also, all patterns are now instant download unless you buy the MASTER. Less work for me, discount for all!

So that sums it up. Of course I will check in….maybe covered in dirt from the garden or pruned from the pool or share our home improvement efforts. I won’t be gone but just lost in other things. By the way, Instagram and Twitter are always the 1st way to hear what’s going on in Crazy Town.

Love to you all and once again, thanks for the support! xoxoTMP


Ok, here is a update peeps, if you dont know the whole story you can find it here.

So I planned this RTS sale to be my last, having loads of time to get it done. Well, that hasn’t been the case. Let me tell you all the fun behind the “seams” here. So my oncologist ask me to get more testing done….they found a tumor. Then I had to have 3 biospies and a titanium marker placed, then played the waiting game. Good news is the tumor, yet rare, it’s NOT more of the ugly! No more cancer….this far! Yay! I have one last test which means fasting, then a cleanse and then testing. FUN, right? I am sparing you all the nasty details but with all this medical jazzy in the way I am sad to say that the RTS sale will not be very big. I felt I owed you a reason, so now you know…..I wasn’t off at a island sunning as I got my drank on, but instead I was being probed like some alien?!? Hehehe

So, it will be my last RTS and it will be a small one but from time to time I will have samples available for sale and I may even list pieces on my website (I am still working on). The good news thought is that I fought the BIG C and I am pretty sure I kicked it’s ARSE! So it’s still on, save the date, see you then, hope you will like what you see.

For all my sewing moms, I will have a new tutorial up after the 15th on “How to get the most out of your Addison’s” and I have new patterns that are begging me to come finish them. So there is something for everyone! Thank you all for your support during this ride through Crazytown and showing your support last week. My BIG sale was because I got the news above and boy, y’all really knocked my socks off. Thank you, thank you, thank you!